111.2017 – Evening

Bubbs is taking another no bubble, bubble bath because someone forgot the bubbles again. OOPS. He's having a blast because I'm finished washing his hair and body so it's all playtime with his bath toys for the next 5-10 minutes. He stands up in his bath and that notorious "I'm-gonna-do-something-I'm-not-supposed-to" face appears and I naturally… Continue reading 111.2017 – Evening


110.2017 – Evening

Playing outside on the porch. The sun is out with very few clouds. I am sitting at the top of the stairs while Bubbs is playing with his oversized firetruck. Me: He's so cute, but dang he's skinny! You would think that after all that running he'd get hungry!¬†Hey Bubbs! Come to mama! Show me… Continue reading 110.2017 – Evening