About Us


Introducing… my family. We’re a fabulous bunch.

Bubbs being Bubbs

Bubbs The youngest of the bunch. A man of few words. Can run for hours at a time without slowing down. Lover of firetrucks, books, and bananas. Rawrs a lot.

Type: Toddler

Level: 2

Attack: Stanky Blanky

Weakness: Hello Panda



Same day I agreed to a motorcycle

Hubs The old man. Finally has volume control, except when excited. Graduate student, teacher, and gamer. Loves to cook.

Type: Husband

Level: 28

Attack: Rhetoric

Weakness: Video Games

Our wedding day

Myself Mom. Mama. Mommy. Has an obsession over containers and books. Very similar to Hubs in all aspects of education. Pretty weird. Doesn’t care what you think.

Type: Wife

Level: 27

Attack: Remembering Things

Weakness: Musicals