111.2017 – Evening

Bubbs is taking another no bubble, bubble bath because someone forgot the bubbles again. OOPS. He’s having a blast because I’m finished washing his hair and body so it’s all playtime with his bath toys for the next 5-10 minutes. He stands up in his bath and that notorious “I’m-gonna-do-something-I’m-not-supposed-to” face appears and I naturally ask him what’s up.

Me: Hey, Bubbs! What do you think you’re doing…?

Bubbs: *Looking into my soul* Hahaha….

Lo and behold, Bubbs has figured out that when he quickly squats over the water, his tiny booty makes a funny sound and small ripples appear. He quickly does his baby squats as fast as he can without breaking eye contact. What a weirdo. I love him.


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